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In the eyes of ordinary people, Poland always seems to be shrouded in a layer of tragedy. Whether it is Chopin's "Poland Never Die" or Roman Polanski's film "The Pianist", it has left a sad and tragic impression in people's hearts. As far as Polish history is concerned, the experience of three tragic partitions and the cruel tyranny of the Nazi German invaders have also cast a "loser" color on this country. But in fact, Poland also has a great past and a hopeful present. This book begins with the creation of the Kingdom of Poland by Meszko I, and tells the magnificent history of Poland for more than a thousand years.

The Polish-British historical writer Adam Zamoyski unfolds this historical picture in a vivid and passionate way, analyzes and explains many historical facts in Polish history, and discusses them in a broader international context. After that, the author stepped into the contemporary era and showed readers what challenges the Polish people faced in the process of exploring their own development path after regaining independence and unity after the Polish people's hard work.

History of Poland

  • [English] Adam Zamoyski

  • Guo Dacheng

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